Girls Night...

A group of my girlfriends and I got together tonight for a movie and dinner date night! The evening started off with us seeing "Dear John." What appeared to be a good romance film turned out to be a big bunch of depressing events occurring one after another. Not exactly my perfect movie but it might suit some.Krista and her movie theater goodies :)

After we were all blue (and Krista had cried at least 3 times) we made our way over to Friday's for some food. When we first got there we were told our wait was going to be at least an hour (NO way!) We decided to leave when a guy who worked there ran after us and told us it would actually be 15 minutes.
Having 8 girls at one table does not make it easy on a poor waiter and it probably took us 25 minutes just to make up our minds and order.
Once we received our food it was all smooth sailing and we had a great time!

Goofing off:
All smiles from Heather and I:
Lyssa Lou:
One of my favorites! Sisterly LOVE:
Hope everyone had a fun Saturday night! Excited for Valentine's pictures tomorrow!

Love, Em

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