Yesterday, Doesn't Seem So Far Away.....

I started off my morning with one of these! So yummy and colorful!
After a few texts and phone calls I jumped in the shower to get ready to go out with some friends :) After changing our plans about four times we finally settled on going to the mall.

Our first stop was Macy's. We were trying to help Betty find a dress for soiree. I was not really looking for myself but I did see this dress and thought it was fun :)
Unfortunately it was a size three and there was no way I was going to attempt and put it on.

Suzannie found herself this dress which was really cute:

She got it for soiree but I think it would make a great garden party or Easter dress :)

We then met up with our friends Meredith and Kayla. And let me tell you it was time for coffee!
So we shot over to Starbucks!
Suzannie and Betty while we were waiting for our coffee.

Vanilla Latte in hand and with a little love note from our table we were ready to keep shopping.
We checked out some other stores from which all of us left empty handed.

Then I went with Meredith and Kayla to a vintage clothing store. We spent way too much time there and ended up in a major time crunch. The girls needed to get to play rehearsal in Brooklyn for opening night and they had less than an hour and a half! Luckily things worked out and they even made it to practice early!

After a 4:30 pm lunch and dinner almost an hour later we hopped in the car to go to opening night of Oklahoma!

I was so impressed with everyone in the production! I was so amazed at how talented all of my friends are! The play was amazing. I am so proud of everyone and all the hard work has definitely paid off. I hope the next three shows are as great as the first.

After hanging out with the cast for a while and praising them all for their amazing talents it was time to go home. I was exhausted.

I went upstairs to change into my pj's but I ended up laying on the floor thinking for a few minutes. I had received a message from my uncle that brought me to tears during the intermission. I had a lot on my mind..
So that's what I did yesterday. haha hope you all have a great Friday and a great start to your weekend :)


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