Belated Birthday Wishes...

Two of my best friends have celebrated their birthdays during the past couple weeks and I wanted to wish them both terrific and peaceful years.
Suzanne is my crazy friend! I love her for it :)
-We both have an obsession with Irish and Scottish men.
- She wants to get an Irish cross tattoo
-We have special dates on Friday nights at the Metro and Double T diners
-Our all-time favorite song is "Happiness is a warm gun" (Across the Universe version)
-She is my driver most nights
-We pass notes to each other in school that are filled with song lyrics
-One of my favorite memories is from when we were on our way downtown on a Friday night and we screamed the lyrics to "Hey, Jude" in the car
Alyssa and I have been through everything together. We have both been through difficult situations but have gotten through them together.
-Her favorite color is yellow
-Favorite movie is "Dirty Dancing"
-She is an awesome dancer
-I squeezed the life out of her hand when I went and got my cartilage pierced
-She is the only one of my girlfriends who has seen me without make up on
-We went to the outer banks the day after Christmas
-For my 17th birthday she got me a professional photo shoot
-She read me a speech for my birthday that made me cry in public (first time that has ever happened)
-We have Bible studies together at lunch
-People mix us up all the time
-We both have a thing for a song called "Lazy Eye"

I am so thankful for these girls! I have had some of the best times ever with them! I they both have fun and exciting years! Thanks for being my friends gals, you're the best!

Lots of love,

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