Happy Birthday Daddy...

Today is my Daddy's birthday.

I have never called him dad. It's always been daddy. I love that. I love that I am 18 and I still call him daddy.

I hope that never changes. I hope I don't ever become "too cool" to call him that.

I love my dad so much. I love to watch baseball and football with him. I like it when we watch movies together that my sister and mom won't watch. I love to see him get excited when a Clint Eastwood movie is on TV. I love to watch him laugh at stupid things. I love to talk to him about books. I love how he reads his Bible all the time. I love that he listens to audio books on his way home from work. I love watching him try to play Rockband. I love to listen to classic rock with him. I love the way he says certain words because he is Canadian.

I love a lot of things about my dad.

Daddy, I hope you have a great birthday.

Love you,

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