Nothing Better Than Ice Cream and Sweet Thing...

I'm sorry that I was so bad about blogging this weekend but I promise that I'll be better. Friday night started off with hair cuts and ended with me falling asleep at 6:30 and sleeping for 13 hours.
Saturday started off right with a Dunkin' Doughnuts Iced coffee and a re-run of White Collar before heading off to work. In the afternoon dad and I drove to Columbia andwent to a secondhand book shop where I picked up a lovely Fitzgerald. Then after a few hours of feeling sick mom and I drove to Coldstone where I filled up on dark chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and gummie bears (my all time fav).
We listened to Sweet Thing all the way there and back.

Mel got her first sweater!
Sunday was a day to don Goodwill finds, watch football, read books, work on my quilt, and take naps.

And that ladies and gents was my weekend :)

Peace and Love,

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