All Apologies...

I have been a bad blogger the past couple of days. Believe me, I know. Our Internet hasn't been working and it wasn't until today that we figured out how I could connect. My connection to the web dangles on a string but I would rather it be dangling than nothing at all. Needless to say I am sorry. I hated the fact that I couldn't post what I had been doing the past couple of days. So tonight I am going to make up for it. You are not getting one, not two, but THREE blog posts in one night.
I'll start off with what happened on Tuesday...

Tuesday was...

Sipping on Gingerbread Lattes from Starbucks:

Taking a field trip to target to get more red wrapping paper:

Using that wrapping paper:

And doing a whole lot of decorating:

Pretty productive Tuesday before Christmas if I do say so myself!

Peace and Love,

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