Christmas Tea at the Willard...

Yesterday the family went to downtown D.C. to enjoy a traditional tea at the Willard hotel. We all got super dressed up and put on our Sunday best. The hotel was beautifully decorated with lights and trees and greenery. They led us down a long red carpet to a secluded set of chairs and a couch where our family tea would be. It was beautiful with the Christmas music and decorations and everything. I have been to a few teas in my life but I wanted to be especially prim and proper for this one. Trust me, it's a rare thing.

First we each ordered our teas. Maddie and I got the Ginger Twist. I'm am not very much of a warm tea girl but this stuff was really good. It was definitely a great winter drink.

We were first served our Chocolate Sleighs filled with seasonal berries! Omg, have you ever imagined something so good?

Then they brought out the trays with all of our food and I was in heaven.
The top layer was all the sandwiches. There were so many different kinds and they were each so good.
After the sandwiches were the scones and jams. I could not get enough of the cranberry scone with the raspberry marmalade. It was heaven in food form! Seriously if you need to bribe me just get me a box of those scones with that jam.

On the bottom of the trays were the sweets! Ugh, if you were not jealous already you will be now.

I probably gained five pounds but it was well worth it. We hope that this will be a new Christmas tradition. I sure hope it is because I loved everything about it! Can't wait to go back again next year!

Peace and Love,

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