Final Shots From Soiree (and a little rant on fashion)...

Someone told me while we were getting ready for soiree that they loved how I planned my clothes around different decades. For instance for last years soiree I was trying to channel Coco Chanel and this year I was going for a 30s glam look. I guess I do kind of plan my outfits according to decades. I mean I'm constantly looking for the perfect 60s and 70s pieces but depending on the day I may end up wearing something from a completely different period. For instance a couple of weeks ago we had to go to a school function and I aimed to dress like Katherine Hepburn. I love trying new things! I've learned not to care if other people think I am too dressed up. I dress for myself and I am proud of that.
P.S. I love the picture of me and my daddy!
Peace and Love,

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