Blog Inspiration: The Rockstar Diaries...

The first blog featured on blog inspiration week is "The Rockstar Diaries." I decided to feature this one first because it was what got me hooked on blogs and actually the reason that I started my own blog. "The Rockstar Diaries" follows Naomi (aka Taza) and her husband Josh and their life as a young couple living in D.C. With the additions of their french bulldog, Kingsley, and their new baby girl Eleanor they make quite the perfect little family. It's such a great and inspirational blog that no one should miss out on!

Reasons I LOVE "The Rocsktar Diaries:"

1. Naomi shares my obesession with cupcakes. 2. The couple is constantly showcasing cool places in D.C. 3. I adore Noami's style and taste. 4. The couple has such an adventurous spirit. They make me want to go out and live life. 5. Noami is not afraid to channel her inner Judy Garland. 6. This blog always makes me hungry. 7. Naomi doesn't follow trends, she sets them. 8. Naomi always dons her brillian "Ruby Woo" lipstick by MAC.

Check out the blog: http://www.taza-and-husband.blogspot.com/

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