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I came across "Seablanket" when another blog that I follow featured her as blog of the week. "Seablanket" is run by Chelsea Horton, a young clothing designer who is 2 years free of her drug addiction and is all the better for it. Chelsea is so real and isn't afraid to talk about anything. I love how she is so honest. It is also inspiring to see how much someone only a few years older than me can do with their life.

Reasons I LOVE "Seablanket:"

1. She posts some of the coolest playlists. 2. Her makeup/hair tutorials are amazing! 3. Most of her clothes are handmade. 4. Sometimes she posts yummy vegetarian recipes. 5. Chelsea built her own business from the ground up (she has her own clothing line!) 6. She always does hip outfit posts from different locations. 7. She has entire posts dedicated to what inspire her clothing line. 8. I get jealous of her hair. 9. It makes me want to visit Portland.

Enjoy: http://www.seablanket.com/

Peace and Love,


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