10 Things I LOVE...

1. Brookside dark chocolate covered Goji and Raspberries. So yummy!!
2. This sequin backpack from Deux Lux at Urban Outfitters. Confession: I now own one!
3. Glittery Essie nail polish. So rad!
4. I need to get married right now just so I can put this on my registry. Kate Spade polka dot china.
5. Lovin' this look for chilly January.
6. This picture is just dreamy.
7. Love Elsie's bathroom set up. The towels are adorable.
8. Meg's craft room is a little slice of heaven for me.
9. Cute little recipe cards on Etsy.
10. I am so so jealous of "Smile and Waves'" Shiny Brite finds.
Peace and Love,

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