52 Lists // Week 3...

I just wanted to say that this week's list was a little difficult for me to come up with. However, I think that Moorea says it perfectly: 

"I absolutely believe that everyone has reasons to be proud of who they are, what they have made it through and what they have created in their lives.  But many of us doubt that we even have anything to be proud of.  If you are having a hard time feeling proud of anything about yourself or in your life, you can at least try to acknowledge those things which you should seek to find pride in.  Pride is not a bad thing.  Being pompous and show off-y isn't a good thing.  But to trust in your own confidence, you must acknowledge that you have justified reasons for being content and happy with yourself and your efforts.  Failures, even repeated failures, do not define you.  They are at least markers that you took action and made a serious effort.  And that is enough to be very proud of my friends." 

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