Life Lately in Instagrams...


1. The cutest thing I ever did see. // 2. My new favorite sweater from Tobi.com keeping me warm in this 19 degree weather. 
3. Kristen printed out all the crushes of the girls in the office. She obviously isn't a fan of mine and decided to print out the worst picture possible of Christian Bale...lol. // 4. Starting the day off right with Fleetwood Mac. 
5. Homemade pizza during a friend date with Tara. // 6. Home. 
7. Frozen yogurt at Yolavi with a friend. // 8. Starbies date with Sarah. 
9. Loving the Method soap bottles by Rilo Kiley at Target. // 10. Swept up bangs and pink lips.  

Peace and Love, 


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