I got the idea for today's post from Dani over at Sometimes Sweet.  I love it when she does these kinds of posts and thought that I would try it out for myself :) 

Reading: Right now I am finishing up Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close. This is a pretty quick & easy read for summer. I would have to say that it's entertaining but it's not one of my favorites. Some of the writing seems choppy and the characters aren't fully developed. However, it is a nice chick book and a fun little read. 

Listening to: I am beyond excited to finally be listening to new music from The Civil Wars. When I first heard "The One that Got Away" it wasn't what I was expecting but I instantly fell in love with it. They still have their old sound but this is definitely more rock and roll. Lovin' it! 

Feeling thankful: I'm so happy that I got to meet up with my friend, Megan, for Starbucks this week. We just sat and caught up for about three hours. We sat outside and soaked in the sun while we sipped on iced vanilla lattes. It was so nice to see her and reminisce about our high school days. 

Thinking about: I have been starting to open up and work on writing music again. It's been a long time since I actually felt like I was capable of writing something, anything. Every once in a while I would pick up my guitar or journal and try to produce a song or a lyric and nothing would come out that I liked or was inspired by. This past week or so I have actually found myself writing things down and working on little melodies that I am really excited about. I'm just glad that I am back to a place where I am actually wanting to write. 

Eating: Blueberry mini wheats. I am still trying very hard to stick to my diet but when it came to breakfast I was starting to get tired of cheerios. I like the mini wheats because I know that they are a good source of fiber and the blueberry just adds a nice flavor in there. There is more sugar in them than cheerios but it's not an outrageous amount so I can handle that. 

Watching: We've rented two movies in the last week. First, we watched Identity Thief. I already liked this movie before I saw it solely because Jason Bateman was in it. (I love me some Jason) This movie wasn't great but I thought it was good. There were multiple times when I laughed out loud. I thought some scenes were unnecessary but all around it was a movie that I would watch again. We also rented Oz with James Franco and Michelle Williams. This movie wasn't really what I expected. There were a lot of parts that seemed trippy and strange and some things were just straight up weird. I did think that the last 45 minutes of the movie were very good and I liked a lot of the special effects. I'm happy that I saw it but I really don't need to watch it again. 

Bummed out on: At the moment I am not going to any concerts this summer. Either the bands that I love aren't touring or they aren't playing at any nearby venues. I am still trying to coax someone into going and seeing Hanson with me. I've even offered to buy the other person's ticket and I still have no takers :( 

Loving: The new VSCO cam app. I have been playing around with it a lot this week and I can't get enough of it! It gives photos a dreamy film effect that always leaves me smitten. I am so happy that they finally made this app available. I know that I am going to be using it non-stop.  

Peace and Love, 


  1. You should definitely be writing music..

    1. Thanks, Ruth! I'm really happy that I'm starting to get back at it.


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