Summer Essentials...

Today I just wanted to share a couple of items & trends that I am loving for summer! 

1. BDG West/East Tote Bag// A big leather tote is perfect for summer. I'm the kind of girl who likes bags that she can throw EVERYTHING in. With this bag you can carry your magazines, camera, laptop, and all your other essentials. It's perfect for everyday running around and even trips to the beach.  

2. Mini Diana// This tiny little film camera is easy to carry and will make the perfect companion for day trips. A cute way to capture memories! 

3. Round Sunglasses// I am a huge fan of round sunglasses. Personally, I think they are quite bohemian and add that John & Yoko flare to any look. These are from Nordstrom but I also grabbed a nice pair from Urban Outfitters. 

4. Muscle Tees// Muscle tees seem to be all the rage this summer and I am jumping on the bandwagon. These shirts have a light and oversized look that is great for summer. You can throw them over a bathing suit or pair them with shorts!  

5. Denim Boyfriend Shorts// When it comes to buying shorts I am pretty picky. I don't like them to be too short but I also don't like when they are really long. I have fallen in love with boyfriend-cut denim shorts. I like the distressed look and they have a nice shape to them. This particular pair is from American Eagle. 

6. Turquoise Cuffs// I have always loved turquoise jewelry and it is making a comeback this summer. Southwestern cuffs and necklaces make the perfect accessory to any look. You can layer cuffs on top of one another to create a super bohemian look or just wear one as a simple statement piece. 

7. Tramper Ankle Hi Boot// I own quite a few pairs of Minnetonka's and these are next on my list to buy. I love the ankle height boots and the tie-up laces in the front. These would look great with a pair of shorts!

8. Southwestern Scarf// I think that this scarf from Forever 21 is so lovely but unfortunately it's sold out :( Every girl needs a couple of pretty colorful scarfs for summer. These are fun just to stuff in your purse and have when your out on the go. I like to wear them with a white tee but you can also use them as a head scarf! 

Peace and Love, 

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