The Weekend Is Over...

Monday mornings can be the worst. Sometimes it's so hard to wake up and realize that you actually have to get out of bed! I am a fan of lazy weekends. Everyone needs those days where they can just relax and take time to do things that they want to do without feeling pressured by work or other responsibilities. I spent time on Saturday laying out in the sun (it was almost 90 degrees here!) and then hung out with a sweet friend. Then on Sunday I spent time in the Word and worked on finishing up my first official read of the Summer. Nothing too exciting, but I still loved this weekend nonetheless. 

What did you do this weekend?! I want to hear all of the details :) 

Peace and Love, 

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  1. I know, Monday mornings are the worst eh? No matter how much you enjoy the weekend, you always need more. I hope you have a happy week though.


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