Talking to God...

I just recently started my own Bible journal. It's basically a Bible study and a discussion with God all in one. It's a great place to write down my thoughts and to study the scriptures. I totally recommend keeping one. It really helps you strengthen your relationship with God.

Peace and Love,



I'm leaving in a few hours for Paris and then on to Greece and Italy! I will be gone for 17 days but I have posts set up for while I am gone.
I'll see everyone in a few weeks!

Peace and Love,


Almost There...

I leave tomorrow for Europe! Ah, this is so crazy! I can't believe the day is already here. I'm pretty much done with packing, only got a few little things left to do.

This is what the inside of my Vera Wang looks like right now:

Peace and Love,


I Love, Love, Love...

I love these!! They are so cute!!

Check out more at http://www.flapperdoodle.com/.
Peace and Love,


3 Days To Go...

With three days to go until Europe I have a lot on my mind. Not to mention that tomorrow night is graduation and saturday is the big dance party.
I finished all of my last minute shopping today which included getting a new pair of TOM'S and makeup.
My daddy gave me this yesterday:
He said he wanted me to have it on my trip. I am always trying to change things that I can't and it's really comforting wearing this around my wrist. It's the perfect prayer for me. It was really sweet of my daddy to think of it all on his own and I love it!
And I still have a ton of packing to do. Ok, basically I haven't even started.

But all of this is:
is coming with me. Oh my, the next couple days are going to be long ones.

Peace and Love,


Summer Treats...

So I gave my thesis speech this morning and I am officially done with all of my duties for Junior Year! Ahh, the weight has been lifted.
I thought what better way to celebrate than to post some pics of summertime goodies!
These were all taken this weekend. Yes, I ate WAY too much sugar.

Peace and Love,



Sunday Night Music Party...

Maddie and I had a little music party in her room last night. Music is not one of the things we agree upon. Our tastes are completely different. So whenever we are in her room we have to listen to her music, unfortunately that means hip hop most of the time.
Maybe one of these days she'll learn to like classic rock....

Peace and Love,



Last But Not Least...

Last paper of the year is due on Tuesday.




Peace and Love,



A New Look...

Maddie and I gave each other makeovers today.
I think everyone should get a makeover every once in a while.
It's very therapeutic.
Peace and Love,


Fresh Cut...

Maddie got her hair cut today.

Doesn't she look gorgeous!

Peace and Love,


A Lovely Afternoon For Tea...

Today the Junior and Senior girls got together for a little tea party after school. It was fun to get all dolled up and the food was delish! It was nice to have a little distraction in the midst of freaking out for the end of school.

I love these girls to death. It's going to be so hard to say goodbye to the seniors, I don't want to think about it. We had a great afternoon together. And I am so blessed to know all of these godly women!

Peace and Love,