10 Things I LOVE...

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1. Fresh baked.  2. Summer bun.  3. Dreamy outdoor getaway.  4. Dressed in denim.  5. Fresh cut flowers.  6. The Grand Budapest Hotel.  7. Big windows with green views.  8. Free People takes Portland.  9. Wiled eyeliner.  10. Tulum.  

Peace and Love, 


  1. You always put of the neatest lists - seriously, you have such an eye. They're always so pretty :)

  2. I love all of those things! Especially the pie (cherry is my favorite), the bun (totally rocking one right now... it's a great didn't-feel-like-washing-my-hair option), and the denim post from Could I Have That. Her blog is aptly named... I wanted the whole outfit.

    Happy Monday!
    xx- Lynn-Holly from The Attic

  3. loving that gorgeous outdoor tent! i can imagine myself laying splayed out in it reading a book. and of course there would be a glass of wine in my hand. and i'm a sucker for anything pink-especially a bouquet of pink flowers!


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