A Day In St. Michaels...

Tuesday has become Sarah's and my hangout day. Last week we went shopping and out to lunch. This week we took a little day trip.
It all started this year when Sarah would tell me that she had dinner at Cracker Barrel. I would always say, "I haven't eaten there since I was five!" So we made a promise this year that during the summer we would go to Cracker Barrel together. Another thing we have been wanting to do is go Antique shopping. So we drove over the Bay Bridge and had a scrumptious meal at Cracker Barrel and then drove 30 minutes from there to the little beach town of St. Michaels.

I had been dying to have apple butter, but of course that comes with everything on the menu. So I had eggs and biscuits for breakfast.
On our little roadtrip we blasted Bon Jovi and Michael Buble. Once we got to St. Michaels I was in love. I want to move there!! It's just so cute with little old houses, corner bakeries and restaurants, and unique stores everywhere. There we at least four Antique shops along the main road. I found stuff that I wanted to buy but unfortunately it was pricey stuff.

Before we hit the road again we stopped inside the ice cream parlor. It was so cool inside with big chandeliers and black and white photos all over the walls. None of the tables were the same. I liked that.

On our way back home we hit the outlets where I got a pair of boyfriend jeans at J. Crew for $11.00. Yes, I did. I was super excited!!

It was a great day. Sarah and I made a promise to take more little road trips this summer. And we will definately be going back to St. Michaels. So if you can't find me I might just be inside a little antique shop on the eastern shore.

Peace and Love,

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