A Pair of Birthdays...

Yesterday were two birthdays that I was too tired to blog about.

First off is Mr. Todd Wright. We all know how important this guy is to me. In fact he was part of the reason I was too tired to blog yesterday. Last night was his 40 by 40 finale show in Vienna, VA and of course I had to go. Only we didn't get home until around one and I had been up since 6 am.

Anyway Todd's music brought me to tears last night. It wasn't the first time but I was just so proud of him. He deserved all the attention he got last night. I am glad and lucky to know him. He is the kindest guy. It was great to see him and talk to him last night. He means a lot to me and I was happy that I could give him a little present from Florence on his big day.

The second birthday was my cousin Carly. She and my sister are only a few weeks apart but I can't believe how old they are getting. Carly is my southern belle cousin. She lives down in TN and we have so much fun when we visit. I miss ya cuz and hope to get down there soon!

Hope both of these guys had an amazing birthday with many more to come!

Peace and Love,

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