Red Velvet Cupcakes...

So item #3 in the Hummingbird cookbook was the red velvet supcake. I have always been a red velvet girl. I don't know why but I just love it. Making the cake part of this recipe was easy (except for getting red food coloring all over myself) but the icing was a little harder. It was the thickest icing I have made from scratch so far and took the longest to mix. I have notcied that no matter how precisely I follow the directions I always end up with way more icing than I need. Luckily I have a few willing volunteers to lick the bowl and spoon clean :)
I really like these cupcakes! I made them tonight and have already had two. I think it's something about having everything made from scratch!

Next item on the agenda: The Lemon cupcake.

Peace and Love,

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