10 Things I LOVE...

1. Prints from The Hatch in Nashville.  
2. Love the perfect darkness of this photo.  
3. DIY Tom's. SO cute!  
4. A very pretty instagram.  

5. The Girls with Glasses. If you haven't checked out this blog you must! You will fall in love with it too!  
6. Jason Mraz. His music heals my soul.  
7. Fabric covered flower pots. Such a cute idea to add a pop of color to your home.  
8. Nashville. Need I say more. I fell in love with all the places we went in TN.  
9. Freaks and Geeks. Such a fantastic show. Plus, a young James Franco is a definite bonus!  
10. Sweet tea in mason jars. But like my mom says, a mason jar makes any drink taste better.  

Peace and Love, 

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