Recently I have really become aware of what a cool thing prayer is. To think that God is always there and willing to listen is such an amazing thought. He actually CARES about all our problems and wants us to come to Him with anything and everything. Lately I have been doing a lot of talking with God, a lot of praying. He is always so quick to answer and I feel so much better after I have poured my heart out to Him. Just the thought that the King of the Universe actually cares about me and my little desires and problems is so unbelievable. I think a lot of people only pray when they are having a really hard time or desperately need something. It's too cool a thing just to do it every once and a while. Sometimes you don't always get the answers you want, but knowing that He is listening and is doing what is best for you is the key. I love my chats with my Father. 

Peace and Love, 

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