Trip To Tenn: Nashville...

 On our road trip we also spent a hot day in Nashville. We were all so excited to go to the city and even more excited while we were actually there. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. We spent a lot of time going into shops, one of my favorites being the Hatch Print Shop! Thanks for taking us there Uncle Greg!! We also got to shop for vinyl and look at some beautiful cowboy boots. One of my favorite things was hearing all the live music and I loved the time that my Aunt and I spent inside "Tootsie's" listening to a band play! We also ate at "Margaritaville." Apparently Keith Urban is a regular! And since I was in the South I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try a burger soaked in sweet tea and toped with grilled peaches! Yum. To top it off, we also got to drive around Nashville and end our day by going to the Opry Hotel! Gorgeous and such a fun place!! My family was so great for taking us all around and I had a blast!!         

Peace and Love, 

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