Musical Therapy...

 Ever since I was diagnosed with depression I have been going to therapy. While that has helped me a lot, one thing that is a constant help is music. Usually I become obsessed with one artist or band for a long time because their music is what helps me pull through. Lately, that artist has been Jason Mraz. He is such a positive person even when he is talking about sad or depressing times. He always seems to look on the bright side of things and makes me want to appreciate life more and more. I am literally in love with his new album; I can't get enough of it. It's perfect for Summer and will brighten any day. My favorite song on it for the moment would have to be "93 Million Miles." I just think it is incredible how music can help us all through the rough times in our lives. Oh my, this album is just so good! 

Peace and Love, 

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