Life Lately In Instagrams...


1. A beautiful night in downtown DC.  2. The best lemon-lime soda at Founding Farmers. 
3. Mom's red velvet birthday cake.  4. Bowie.  
5. Rainy days here and there.  6. Lots and lots of journaling. 
7. Supporting my team.  8. 3D movie with my sister. 
9. Cherry Garcia. My favorite EVER!  10. Letting in the sunshine. 
11. Surrounded by lots of pretty fabric.  12. Watching every episode of Wilfred. 
13. An old photo for Father's day.  14. Our second birthday cake of the month, this time for dad. 
15. My favorite wall in my room right now.  16. Yummy frozen lemonades at work.  

Peace and Love, 

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