Life Lately In Instagrams...

1. Getting back into songwriting. 2. Perfect ice cream kind of days. 
3. Lots of blogging about Tennessee. 4. Sleep, and lots of it.
5. Micky D's sweet tea run late at night. 6. Pretty fabric for a fun new project.
7. The sweet tea runs are now a daily thing. I'm hooked. 8. Getting crafty with yarn.
9. A lovely treasure brought home from TN. 10. Attempting to unpack.
11. A new favorite song. Perfect for Summer. 12. Lounging around in floral pj pants.
13. Jason Mraz. Did you see him on "Storyteller's?" It was SO good!! 14. Black raspberry gelato.
15. Coconut cream pie. Yummo. 16. My happy little finds from a day out shopping with my mom.
17. I bought all of "Jack and White's" music on iTunes. Yes, all of it. It's amazing. 18. Letting my hair go all natural. 

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