I am going on the record and saying that I hate Itunes!! I mean just because I live in the US why can't I buy music from Canada?!

Sweet Thing's Album came out today.
Of course it was only available in Canada.
Itunes won't let you use a US credit card on Itunes CA.
I wouldn't have been so determined to buy it from Itunes except that if you buy it from them you get all kinds of behind the scenes features and an extra song!
I went out and bought an international visa card thinking that of course it would work...it DIDN'T.
My mom called the card place and they were of no help.
And Itunes tech service wasn't open! Can you believe that?! They close at 5. I wish they could feel my wrath.
I mean what if someone had a serious apple issue late at night!!
So after an hour and a half of failed attempts I realized that I would rather just have the cd without the extras then not have it at all.
Now I will say that I LOVE amazon.
Amazon Canada lets me order from them. Take that Itunes.
So now I am out twenty bucks and the cd will arrive on the 30th at the earliest but at least I got it.

I know it will be worth it.

Well, I hope so at least.

Peace and Love,

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