Hippie Summer Style...

If I could have a dream wardrobe I am pretty sure that all of this stuff would be in it. Here are some essential pieces to looking like a hippie chick during the summer.
1. A big floppy straw hat is a must have for the summer. Whether you are chillin' on the beach or having a picnic, you'll always look cool in a floppy straw hat.

2. A Maxi Dress. Maxi dresses have become popular in the past couple of years, however they have always been a hit with the hippies. Personally, I love maxi dresses. They are beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Plus maxi dresses work for every occasion. You can wear them while you run errands during the day or when you head out on the town at night. They are the perfect outfit for every occasion.

3. The Sparkly Dress. I absolutely love this! These glittering mini dresses are great for when a hippie needs to get fancy. They are perfect for a big night out.

4. Beaded and Embroidered Bathing Suites. A hippie can't be plain with her swimwear. If your heading to the pool or the beach you have to spice it up with some cool beading or embroidery.

5. Long Skirts. Long skirts are wonderful for summer. They are flowy and pretty and you can simply pair them with a cute tee and you are good to go!

6. This picture is all about the accessories. Every hippie chick has to be loaded with chunky bracelets, leather arm bands, tons of big necklaces, and big leather belts. But don't let the accessories be the only thing that people notice about the outfit. I mean look at the flared sleeves! Love.

7. Feather Headbands. These have also come into fashion as of late. With a little inspiration from Tigerliliy and Pocahontas you can look like a hippie queen.

8. Embroidered Bohemian Bag. Embroidery and beading isn't just important for bathing suites, it looks great on purses too! And don't forget that hippies always carry big over sized bags! If you can't fit an extra pair of jeans and some retro headphones in there it ain't worth it.

9. Fringe boots. A lot of hippie fashion is native American inspired, especially these fringe boots! They are perfect for every outfit. Wear them with jeans or with a dress and you will always look hip!

10. Here is a great summer outfit for any hippie. The bell-bottom jeans are so perfect! And of course the straw hat and over-sized bag are all there too!

11. This outfit says hippie from head to toe. You have the headband, the short floral dress, the great over-sized fringe bag, and the little native American moccasins. I love this and wish that it were mine :)

12. Florals are big with hippies. Right here we have a lot of floral. The layers and the ruffles are great too! Plus, it's a long dress.

13. All I have to say about this one is that you are not a hippie if you don't wear flowers in your hair.

14. Bandannas. Bandannas are also a very hippie-ish thing.
15. If you are a hippie you must have the three essential shoes: Frye boots, fringe boots, and some good old fashioned cowboy boots. I just loved the colors in this picture. I think the turquoise ones in front are my favorite.

16. Big sunglasses and layers are all part of being a hippie. You want to look messy and stylish all at the same time.

Peace and Love,

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