I'm Goo Goo...

Guess who I was with last night.
This guy...
...and about a thousand other screaming fans.

Maddie and I went and saw the Goo Goo Dolls last night and it was an amazing! I apologize for the lack of photos and videos but the last time we went to this venue all of that stuff wasn't permitted. Little did I know that this time they would forget to search my bag and I could have easily brought my camera and flip video. I have to admit that I got jealous every time I saw a flash going off because that was just one more picture that I couldn't take.

It was our second time seeing them and we couldn't wait. Switchfoot was the openeing band. I had already seen them before but it was Maddie's first time and I think she really liked them. I hate that time in between the opening act and the headlining band when you are just sitting there waiting. Then it was finally time for the Goo Goo Dolls to come out. Everytime we have seen them they open with all of these really cool lighting effects and this time they did not dissappoint. Then Johnny Rzeznik himself walked out through a mist of dry ice and ladies let me tell you that the hair is really as amazing as it seems.

It was such a rad show. I was so happy because they played one of my favorites, Big Machine. Of course they did all the hits: Black Balloon, Iris, Broadway, Let Love In, Name, etc. Maddie and I had a great time and we never wanted it to end. Both of us can't wait for the next time that the boys are in town.

If you can't wait until then, their new album is coming out on Aug 31st. Also the video for their first single off the album premiered today. Here it is below!

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So until next time I am left to dream of black balloons, broadway, and better days.

Peace and Love,

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