Savage Mills and Ellicott City...

Yesterday Alyssa and I had a girls day out. We started off by going to Savage Mills. We walked around and went into all the little shops and then we had lunch at Ram's Head.
It was so nice. We sat there for over an hour and just talked. We hit every subject you could possibly think of. It's great to just let everything out and to have someone that will listen to you and feels the same way.

We walked around some more after lunch and wound up in an antique store looking at vintage LIFE magazines.
While we were looking I said, "If they have a David Cassidy one I am totally getting it." Low and behold the next one I picked up had David Cassidy on the cover.
As we continued to look and I held the magazine in my hand I began to question how much I really needed it. I mean yea it was a really cool thing, but what was I going to do with it? I am trying to be better with not splurging all my money so...
...in the end David went back with all of the other LIFE magazines.
After that Alyssa and I were pretty much done at the Mills but we weren't ready to go home. Alyssa and I are similiar in a lot of ways but one that we found yesterday was that we both are adventerous. We get tired of going to the usual hangouts and we like to discover cool new places. So we hopped in the car with the idea that we would just find somewhere else to go. We drove for a few minutes and Alyssa said, "Hey, do you want to go to Ellicott City?" I jumped at the idea! I had never been there before but had always wanted to go. So we looked up directions and were on our way.

When we got there I was immediately in love with the little town. I could have walked around for hours. Alyssa and I had a limited amount of time but it was long enough for us to check out a good amount of the main street.
First we went into this little french shop that had the cutest little things inside.

After that we hit antique shops, theater/sports shops, dress shops and our favorite Vintage Girls. I could have bought everything inside that store!!
Before we headed home we stopped inside Sweets bakery for iced coffee and cupcakes.

And if that wasn't enough about an hour after we got home we both went to the theater to see Charlie St. Cloud with my sister, Isaac, and some other friends. Alyssa and I both ended up wearing our handmade Zac Efron shirts. The movie was so-so but Zac Efron was gorgeous as always. His eyes alone are unbelieveable.

I had such a great day! Alyssa and I are planning another trip to Ellicott City asap.

Peace and Love,
* Oh and I can't forget to wish Heather a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for being such a good friend and for being the other half of team Franco. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with family and love.

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