A Weekend Away...

This weekend we headed to Winchester, VA to visit my grandparents.
We weren't on the road for 2 minutes and we spotted this guy:
After about an hour and half on the road we stopped at our favorite country pie shop to pick up dessert. Seriously these pies are amazing. We ended up getting apple and chocolate peanut-butter silk. Yum :)

One quick stop to Sonic for hot fudge sundaes!

My aunt and uncle suprised us and showed up for dinner which was so much fun. Some chicken gone bad meant that we went out and got bar-b-que for dinner! It was my first time having ribs and they were so good! After dinner we sat around and talked, watched old home movies, and ended our night with the Ravens vs. Redskins game.

Sunday morning meant pie for breakfast :)

Wrapped up in my great-grandmother's quilt.
While Maddie wasn't looking Mel enjoyed her ice water.
Right before we left we headed downtown to the mall to walk around. Too bad almost everything was closed. We did spend some time in a cute little bookstore.
I drove home and then read for the rest of the night. I've got a busy week ahead of me.

Peace and Love,

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