1 Day Until Soiree...

So the Junior Soiree is tomorrow and here is how my day will be spent:

8:30 hair cut

10:00 hair styled

12:00 Makeup done at Smashbox

2:00 Arrive at the cocktail party

5:00-ish leave to go to Annapolis and get on the Yacht

9:00 head to the after party

So as you can see I am pretty booked tomorrow. Somehow I have to fit eating and getting dressed into my schedule but I think I will be able to manage. Needless to say I am hitting the hay pretty early tonight, but before I do I wanted to show you what my plans are for my hair :)

For the cut I want to keep my bangs (I love my bangs) but I am looking to do a little something different and add some more layers so I am drawing my inspiration from the lovely Tiffani Thiessen.
Then for the actual soiree I want it to be curled and probably up but on the side a little bit so I have been looking at these:
But I want to add a little hippie flair so I am also thinking about maybe adding a braid in there somehow like this:
Anyway, we'll see how it goes! I will try and take tons of pictures tomorrow!
Nighty Night ;)


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