A Polka Dot Affair...

Just like I had the post about all things sock monkey I now have one of polka dotted goodness. I think I am going to make this a weekly thing where I take some of my favorite stuff and find as much of it as possible. So without further ado...

First up is the polka dot earrings:
Almost everything I'm posting I found on Etsy and they have tons of these earrings in different colors!
Next is the dot pillow:Not exactly polka dots but it is in the dot family and I though it was pretty fun!
Now one of my favorites are the polka dot cupcake holders!!
They have so many colors!!They are the cutest holders for the cutest treat!
Here is a polka dot camera bag that was just adorable.And when you need a snack why not put it in this?While searching for polka dotted goodies I came upon a lot of cute kids clothes which, were it possible, I would totally wear.I did stumble upon this, which I LOVE, and was so tempted to buy it.And what could be more perfect than a polka dot wedding dress? I think this was originally from J. Crew:And last, but definitely not least, who could resist this man in a polka dot tie?*Swoon*

Ahhh....polka dots make me so happy!


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