Some Days it Sucks to be a Girl....

....but some days it rules!!

You get to have awesome dance parties:
You get have trips with the girls to the beach:
You get to go to bunko parties and loose 15 times in a row:
You get to have crushes on HOT guys:
You get to have Christian Bale marathons:
You are allowed to go and see Twilight twice in one day without it being super weird:
You get to get dressed up for a night on the town:
You get to have fun with makeup:
Sometimes too much fun:
You can be goofy like this:
You can take naps in women's lounge in the Lord and Taylor bathroom:
You can share hugs like this one:
You can take glamor shots:
You can get all dolled up...
...or you can dress like a dude:
And you will always have loyal friends who will laugh with you until you cry:
So while I may not have enjoyed being a girl today, most days I love it :)


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