Junior Soiree Part 1...

My day started out with hair at 8:30. As usual Bobbie did a fantastic job and got me done in one appointment so I didn't have to wait around. She never disappoints and I love my new bangs!

So here's a little bit of the cut (she didn't style it but you get the idea):
And this is how she styled it for soiree! I brought the flower (it was the same color as all my other accessories):
It was way to early for me to be up on a Saturday morning so after my hair was done it was time for a coffee break!I got the usual, which is a dark chocolate turtle mocha, and it was delicious as always :)

Then after we had about an hour to breath it was time to head over to Smashbox to get my makeup done.
The girl who did my makeup was so sweet and helpful, and she did a fabulous job! I ended up buying a butt-load of Smashbox makeup. Thanks Spencer and Sarah!

Then I rushed home and finished getting all dolled up. Before I could go we had to take some glamor shots!
Then it was time to head off to the cocktail reception...

Stay tuned for more...


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