Lazy Sunday...

No, I did not watch The Chronicles of Narnia nor did I eat a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery ( I guess I am just not as cool as Andy Samberg or Chris Parnell ), but I did go to to Target.

We had Bible study at home in the morning and I led this time :)
Then we grabbed lunch from Five Guys.And instead of going to the grocery store mom and I went to Target. It was still gross and rainy and a trip to Giant just would have made things worse.

Of course they had all new Nick and Nora sock monkey stuff that I just had to have ( plus I had been longing for a new set of N&N pj's ). So I got a pj set and some slippers!

I also got pajamas and a white robe for my trip to Greece and Italy! And last but not least I had to get these polka dot pajama pants!!

Target is always a great place for retail therapy:)


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