Sock Monkeys Galore...

I'm home today with a headache and dizziness. The neighbors behind us are getting work done to their house and that has been delightful with my head. NOT! Anyways, I'm sitting here blogging when I should be doing school work but what the hey!

Today is all about cool sock monkey finds! While searching the web I have found some pretty adorable things that I would love to own!

To start things off, one of my favorites, the sock monkey dress:So cute! For $1,500 you can have one of your own! Haha I love it! Not quite sure where I would wear this though :)

Next are the Nick and Nora slippers:
These look so comfy! Nick and Nora also make some pretty cute sock monkey pj's which you can check out at www.Target.com.

Number three is the sock monkey chair:
I would love to be cuddled up in this chair with a good book. It's perfect for a kids room too :)

The next item(s) are the sock monkey cake toppers:On the right you have one for the bride and groom and the one on the left is for a baby shower! Both are so fun!

And the final find is a pair of sock monkey cuff links:
These are to die for! I want a pair for myself :)

All of these items were found by searching for "sock monkey" on google images. Etsy also has a bunch of cute handmade things!

Well, I better be getting back to my Psych now!

Enjoy your Tuesday. Hopefully all of you are headache free :)


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