8 Days a Week is What it Feels Like...

This week has seemed so long and it's only Wednesday. Blah! Yesterday was pretty good considering that dinner was delicious! We had the chicken and biscuits that I have talked about with stuffing and our own private concert with Ella.

Mom made coconut cake with vanilla pudding and raspberries which was so good (even though I didn't eat that much of it I still loved it).I also ordered my clutch for soiree last night (which I can't believe is in a week) and it's PURPLE!!

Today was just one of those days. Classes dragged on and I couldn't wait to leave school. Maybe it has something to do with all the assignments and speeches they are giving us? Hmmm...
We ran to Home Goods after and I snagged these to cookbooks which I adore!!

I'm not the biggest Martha Stewart fan but man does she know how to bake!

I have caught spring fever so today I did my homework with the blinds up and my window open :) So nice.

Now I think I am going to finish an imitation assignment and then read some of this:
I decided to take a break before I start the next Jane Austen book and this was on the top of my list. It's really different than any other book I have read but it's appealing in that way.

Hope the rest of the week doesn't go too slow!


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