A Glimpse Inside My Closet....

So seeing as I only have 32 days until Greece and Italy I figured I might as well make sure I have enough outfits for the trip. Turns out I have 26 outfits for 17 days. Looks like I will be more than ok. Anyway, just so you know what I have been spending all of my money on for a about a year, here are all 26 looks.

This one is probably my favorite top :)
Now I have to hang all of these up before I can crawl into bed.

In Hanson news, they are performing their first 5 studio albums in shows in NYC this week. The one I wanted to go to was for the Underneath album which is what they did tonight.
Fortunately they are live streaming all five shows on their website.
Unfortunately I got distracted with work and forgot to log on at 8.
Fortunately I remembered right at night 9:30 right when Zac sang Lullabelle.
That is my favorite song. It was a secret track on the cd and one that they never perform. I was so excited to hear it and see Zac play it. So even though I couldn't be at the show tonight at least I got to feel like I was.
Oh and the best thing is to see this:

They all hold hands and bow. Just those three Hanson brothers. It makes me very happy. And for some reason I get really emotional when I see it. I think it reminds me of the first time I saw them. Oh what a magical night it was for me :) Their music really has changed my life. I will be a Fanson always and forever.
Goodnight world.


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