Now I Can Get a Tattoo Without Parental Consent...

Today was my 18th Birthday and this is what I woke up to:
What more could a girl ask for?

Suzannie took my sister and I out to lunch to celebrate! How lovely! We went to our usual dive, The Metro Diner, and had such a fun time.
We ran into Target after and look at who I ran into: Ahhh....Mr. White.........

We spent half of the day with Suzannie and then we took off with the family to downtown Baltimore for dinner. We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe.

And don't forget that I participated in the one day without shoes today, and although it might be gross this is what my feet looked like at the end of the day:Today at lunch a little girl and her mom sat across from us outside. The little girl had taken off her shoes and the waiter came up to her and said "Hey, is everything alright? Why are your shoes off?" To which her mother replied "She saw that young lady (me) with her shoes off and she wanted to take hers off too." See you can make a difference, one small little step at a time. It was painful going without shoes at times but it was worth it to me.

Anyway. once we got home it was time for cake!
I ended the night with watching my Orioles beat the Rays! LET'S GO O'S!!!Oh, and this guy(Luke Scott) just made it so much better :)

I'll be sure to do a post later about what I got and all that good stuff. For now I just want to thank everyone who celebrated with me today! I had a lot of fun! And thanks also to everyone for the wishes and calls! Everyone was so sweet and it meant a lot to me! All my love.


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