So much going on with Hanson these days! I don't know about you but it makes me pretty happy. The Thinking 'Bout Somethin' video has already been the most watched video on myspace and has reached over 1 million views!! Zac has been putting up videos to try and motivate people to refresh their computer screens to gain more views.
This one is a couple days old but I found it funny. (Maybe it's just because I'm a fanson though)

Also, the single came out this week on Itunes! Download it now!

And if I haven't convinced you already, MTV posted an article of 5 reasons to love the new music video:

What can I say, I love these boys! Their music means a lot to me and I'm glad that things are starting to pick up again with them.

Oh, last thing. They will be performing on David Letterman tomorrow :) Ok, that's enough about Hanson for tonight.

In other news, I have to thank my best friend Sarah for saving me tonight. Our printer is broken and I have a speech tomorrow. Luckily Sarah picked up her phone when I called and is printing out my speech :) I love that girl!

She also sent me this collage for my birthday that I just got today because I never check my email :) It made me happy!! Thanks again Sarah! You're the Best!


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