What Gets Me Through the Week...

I've known Todd Wright since I was 13. I first saw him playing keys and guitar for the Pat McGee Band in 2005 when I went and saw Hanson for the first time. (A lot of good stuff comes from Hanson.) Soon after that I got into Todd's band Getaway Car. I went and saw them play in Vienna, VA and that was the start of it all. Since then I have seen Todd who knows how many times. He has been one of the biggest influences in my life and has helped me throught a lot. When I was going through some health problems Todd's music is what got me through it (along with some prayer).

When I first met him he didn't like to talk about his music and he didn't have a lot of self-confidence. Now, Todd writes a new song every week and puts it online where you can download it for free. You can also buy cd's of his work and the money goes to research for diabetes. Todd has worked with some amazing people and has been able to do a ton of cool stuff with his music, including recording at Abbey Road!!!

For the past two years Todd has played my birthday party and coming up on Friday he will be here again to play my 18th. I can't tell you what a kind-hearted person Todd is. He is so giving and always wants to do whatever he can for everybody. I am so thankful to know him. His music is what gets me through the week. I pop in a cd I made of his stuff and it always makes me feel better. If you are interested in downloading his stuff just go to hiw website: www.orangepopsongs.com (don't forget it's all FREE).

Here are some pictures of Todd and I throughout the years, starting with the very first time I met him.

Everything he writes is amazing so go check it out!


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